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Space Clearing
Energy Clearing
Energy Clearing

What is personal energy clearing?

Personal energy clearing is a two fold system to help you live your life in the most vibrant way with clarity and focus. On one level it helps to remove any unbalanced or stressed energies that have attached to or insinuated themselves into your energy field and/or aura. Going deeper, it helps to balance and clear out stressed energies caused by earlier emotional or physical traumas and allow you to move forward in a more clear and balanced state.


I'm a very sensitive person. Will this hurt me or set me off?

No. Personal energy clearing is a very subtle technique and is completely painless. Our sessions together feel like a conversation with a good friend whom you trust completely. Under the surface, however, there is powerful clearing going on, freeing you of past bonds. One of the wonders of this work is that you don’t actually have to feel any old or frightening emotions for them to be released…once you’re ready to let go of them, the charge around them disappears and previously uncomfortable memories become just memories. Infrequently, there may be a short adjustment period of a day or so as your system readjusts to a new way of being. This usually just feels like you're putting a little extra energy to figuring things out, like when you first arrive in a new place and spend a little more time getting the lay of the land.


How long does it take?

Sessions last for one to two hours. A single session creates amazing and often profound changes that can happen immediately and over the next days, weeks and even months! That being said, I’ve found that repeated sessions allow for even deeper work to happen. Many people like to start with a group of four sessions, one week apart before taking a break to allow everything to settle out. We then continue with monthly sessions or on to an 'as-needed' basis.


What do I have to do to prepare?

I'll have you fill out a short intake form and we will have a quick conversation to give me an idea what's going on. It's often helpful to give yourself some quiet time afterwards to allow the clearing to resonate and settle into your system. Usually and hour or so is enough.  

What if I'm not local?

I work with people all over the world as clearing sessions can be received from anywhere. In fact, the vast majority of my work is done via video conferencing. 


What is space clearing?

Space clearing is a way to clear a physical space of energetic residue, either from current or previous inhabitants, unbalanced Earth energies or even adverse effects of technology.


How does it work?

I use a few simple tools to help me locate areas of stressed energy in the space and then clear or re-harmonize them. The work is done on a subtle level although I have had many clients feel the shift as it's happening! You can and are encouraged to walk around the space with me as I do the work. It's fascinating to see what's lingering in your space on an invisible level!


How long does it take?

Most homes take about 2-3 hours and most smaller offices take 1-2 hours. It’s all dependant upon the amount and complexity of energetic disturbances in the space. Some things clear quickly while others can be a bit more 'sticky.'


Do I have to clean my house beforehand?

No! Space clearing is about clearing the energetic residue not the dust residue! It’s often interesting to see how areas that seem to attract clutter are ones with more stressed energies lurking there. However, if you want to clean, go for it! Often that’s a sign that the space is ready to move forward into a more clear and balanced state.


What causes energetic residue to build up?

There are a variety of things that can cause energy to build up. Any traumatic event can leave its impression on a space in the form of stressed or unbalanced energy. Even just living day-to-day life and feeling our day-to-day emotions leads to built up energies. 

Various types of energies being emitted from the Earth can also affect a space.

I will also clear out adverse effects of technology affecting the residents of a space. 

Do you clear out ghosts or entites?

Yes! I find that any ghosts or entities in a space are usually just a symptom of an underlying energetic imbalance. Once a space is cleared, it's no longer an attractive place for them and they naturally go away. For those spirits that are a bit more reluctant I am very well versed in ways to help them to pass on from this plane of reality to where they are naturally supposed to go.  

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