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About Bruce

Bruce is very well versed in the field of Energy Clearing, sometimes referred to as 'acupuncture for the soul.'


In his own words:


Having had many minor unexplained health issues for much of my life, and after being told by many Doctors that I was perfectly fine or that it was "all in my head," I set out to figure out what was going on. I eventually found out that I am a so-called "highly sensitive person,' which means that my system is sensitive not only to regular physical stimuli such as food, chemicals and environmental issues, but also to the more subtle energies that exist all around us. It was enlightening to find that physical symptoms are not always, or even often, caused by purely physical stimuli! After much research and experimenting with various modalities, I found the ancient process called Energy Clearing which finally allowed me to take control over my energetic boundaries and put me on the path to taking control over my life and health! After years of practice, I have found that energy clearing profoundly helps us not only to heal faster and more deeply, but also facilitates our ability to grow into our best possible selves. 




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Bruce Peters, L.Ac.
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